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Do xenomorphs have names?

There are specific types of xenomorphs, yes. Not including the predaliens, eggs/facehuggers/chestbursters, or the “deacon” seen in Prometheus, the species has a caste system much like that of a beehive colony:

  • queen - mother to all, controls entire hive, most intelligent of xenomorphs
  • praetorians - guards to the queen, no more than four to a hive—they do not leave her vicinity; they are second largest of the species
  • drones - the “housekeepers,” they maintain the nest and bring prey for impregnation; they average seven feet tall and can spit acid blood
  • warriors - typically eight feet tall, ridged heads as opposed to the smooth-domed drones; they are the assault force and have a pressurized bloodstream which makes them dangerous even when killed

Aaaand that’s all I’ve got off the top of my head.

h8 everything.

the 360’s disc tray won’t stay shut; with or without a disc, it just keeps opening and won’t read any games.

damn it now i get to take it back and hopefully get a working one.