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how i do my referencing and sketching: badly lol

i start with a series of tiny preliminary sketches to set down a general idea of what i want to draw. i like to work very small at this stage because i’m more confident this way and it’s easier to get an overall view of what i want (but tbh i just can’t help but draw with my paper less than 1 foot from my face because i’m nearsighted ;;)


i really draw that small, and sloppily, lol

NEXT i collect references, and if i need to, take photos modeling the pose i want to draw. 


while posing i tried to get in zelda’s character, curling my finger toward myself i said aloud, “c’mere Link ya big boy, show me dat master sword” and made an incredible SMOOCHIN’ FACE which fortunately was not captured in the photos. i didn’t make that up just now, this really happened. 

… now i do a larger prelim sketch. you can see that i drew it on the same paper as those smaller sketches i made initially. an impoverished artist has to conserve paper!


next i make a separate mock-up to get an idea of what colors i will be using. again done on lined notebook paper because lol


ANOTHER PRELIM SKETCH, getting closer to an idea of how the final lineart is going to look. this sketch is a little more detailed with improved anatomy, with the exception of the alien eyes and duck lips. i don’t like working with pencil at this stage, so since i don’t have the use of an eraser to get rid of unwanted lines and mistakes, i use white paint to cover those up. 


keep in mind, if you use this method, when you trace your work over a light box, the lines/mistakes that were covered up with paint will still show when light passes through the paper.

next, i trace over the previous image to get the final pencil sketch 


inked, and with the pencil lines erased 




(you can see where i accidentally smeared ink near her left hand and on her dress-thing Q_Q whoops)

more progress photos will be added in another photoset! 

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Not a comic this time, just some sketches because I didn’t have any jokes up my sleeve sorry guys

I suppose LAFS!Vegeta is more open to the idea of having a family, and therefore learned to care for his son faster than in canon. I imagine Trunks still was unplanned though, i just can’t picutre vegeta actively wanting a kid before the buu fiasco.

his style of parenthood still is…kind of…unconventional tho. As in, “LETS TEACH MY SON HOW TO KILL MILLIONS” unconventional. you won’t change him that easily

because oh yeah: i finally got a new job. a super better job.

seriously i’ll be getting like $4.50 more than my current hourly wage. because, y’know, i don’t even make the same rate as the male welders. fuck that.